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Here are hopefully some answers to questions you may have about LongTallSilly. Please ask us anything else you might want to know about either on our facebook fanpage or by emailing simon

Who is it for ?

The LongTallSilly singing, music, action sessions are fantastic for children of 2.5 to 6yrs but some of the newer songs on the recently released 2nd album have been written with parents of babies and toddlers in mind as we believe the tiny ones also get enormous enjoyment and stimulation from the sounds colours and movements that go with these action songs.


Music parties for 21st century kids ?

Yes indeed - LongTallSilly is now thrilled to be able to offer special sessions with more of an emphasis on games for birthday parties & childrens events where music loving families with young kids, might like something a little diferrent.

Where Can I buy the music?

Here :   (Brand new third album now out!)  you can also find us on itunes and amazon

Here :  


Or Here :      


or if you would prefer a physical hardcopy cd of one of the 3 LongTallSilly albums please feel free to get in touch via our email link on this website.