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LongTallSilly began with a conversation between two brothers, who also happened to be dads musicians / storytellers. The intention from outset was to try to create an original modern musical experience for children and parents, combining credible contemporary sounds ideas and references, with the simple enduring themes running through growing up, and finding your first steps in a slightly bewildering world that's largely as yet undiscovered.   

If there were a LongTallSilly 'philosophy' ... it would probably go a bit like this

  • Young children are anything but stupid.  Just because they often like and need things to be simple or repeated, it doesn’t mean their requirements for quality and content are less.
  • Why shouldn’t songs music and stories that are for children also have elements for parents to enjoy too, since after all they will also probably be hearing them (ahem...quite a lot).
  • We are neither teachers nor entertainers, but we wish to try & provide and orchestrate a unique experience & means by which kids and parents can share some moments of something magic together.
  • Learning is never hard work when you’re having fun finding out and exploring what your possibilities are
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere, if you have the presence to catch it.

Who we are


Simon Baker

Simon is a father of 2 girls and has been a professional performing musician and singer songwriter for over 20 years. He has studied Afro/Latin American percussion under the late great bebop drummer Clifford Jarvis. Has a BA Hons degree in mixed media arts and is a self taught guitarist and music producer. As a seasoned musician he's played hundreds of live gigs with various bands all over the world, has recently written and co produced music for two international television ads, and also performs his own Swamp Country Folk songs live as a non traditional One Man Band.



David Baker

David is father of 1 boy and has over 15 years experience with the theatrical arts of storytelling, body language and dance, with a particular interest in theatre and stories from all round the world. He is also an illustrator and graphic artist and has studied puppetry under pupils of the late great Jim Henson. He has a BA Hons in Art and Design, and is currently working on a new childrens book about the body.